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Aaaaaaaand just b/c i like having a copy in my journals, btwn kanashii_kisa and myself.
Momiji-chan ish in da bold.

Momiji had stopped by the candy store and gotten a small chocolate egg in addition to some gumdrops for Kisa. He smiled as he approached her house inside the Souma grounds, candy bag in tow. Kisa definitely needed some cheering up, and that’s what he was good at!
He had to be…because no one else was. Well, that was until Tohru came anyway.
With a chipper knock, he called, “Kisa! I’m here!”

Kisa's mom was just wiping her hands off on her apron as she heard a knock on the door. Kisa looked up at her mother, amber eyes brightening up as her ears perked. Her mother smiled as she nodded, turning to pull the tray of fresh hot cookies from the oven. "Go on Kisa. Invite Momiji inside while I take these out to cool. I hope he likes chocolate chip."

Kisa nodded, hopping down from the chair at the kitchen counter before scurrying towards the front door. She turned the doornob, smiling as she opened the door to reveal the golden haired Momiji. "You came....just like you promised." Kisa smiled.

Momiji laughed, “Of course I came Kisa! And I brought you candy too!” He presented the bag to her and continued, “I couldn’t find Tohru, I think she had to work after school, but I’m sure as soon as I find her she’ll definitely come next time. Or, we could go see her together tomorrow at Shi-chan’s house!”

Kisa smiled as she took the bag of candy, closing her eyes with a bright cheerful smile. "Thank you Momiji....I'm so glad you came to visit. I can't wait to see Sissy." She opened her eyes, blinking in surprise. "Oh I almost forgot. Mama and I made you chocolate chip cookies....I hope you like them."

“I’m glad I’m here too. School’s been pretty hectic lately, but I won’t let it burden me again, I promise.” He winked, “You both made me chocolate chip? They’re my favourite!” he smiled and stepped into the house, taking off his shoes. “Thank you so much.”
"Ne, Kisa, I brought a movie over too in case you hadn't seen it yet! I thought we might watch it together"

Kisa smiled as she followed after him, giggling lightly. "I'm happy you like the cookies Momiji-kun." she said happily. She blinked, amber eyes widening in surprise. "Oh a movie...that sounds so nice....what is it called?" She asked.

“it’s some movie called love that transcends time…but I heard it was really good!” He chirped.

Kisa's mother smiled as she brought out a tray of freshly baked cookies, bending down to the kid's height so they could take a few. "Momiji it's so nice to have you visit us...Kisa has been looking forward to it all day. She stayed home....from school today..." Kisa's mother said as Kisa's little tiger ears drooped.

"I didn't.....want to go....everyone else is still kinda mean to me...."

"...She stayed home....from school today..."
"I didn't.....want to go....everyone else is still kinda mean to me...."

“Kisa…” Momiji briefly had a moment where he face flashed sadness. ~They’re still picking on her? I don’t understand how they can be so mean…when Kisa’s so sweet…~ Closing his eyes and smiling, he stated, “Well, Kisa’s still trying just like she promised! So that counts for something!” Reaching out for her hand, Momiji squeezed it reassuringly. “So why don’t we have fun, and then if Kisa wants, she can talk about it. I’m here for you Kisa, and so is everyone else!” With a bright smile, Momiji held out the movie for is cousin. “Is that ok, Kisa?”

Kisa smiled, beaming brightly. "Yea.....thank you so much Momiji." The golden haired little girl said, smiling sweetly. "I really appreciate you visiting really cheered me up." She said before picking up a cookie and taking a bite.

"Mmmm......come on Momiji....let's watch the movie ne?"
P.S. Kisa is ADORABLE. <3
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